Smiley's Texas BBQ Sauce has a long history, starting in 1980. Over the years, Gary Smiley has refined his recipe to combine the perfect amount of spicyness and sweetness. In Germany, his sauce became popular when German politicians tried it and loved it so much that they decided to buy some and take it with them as they traveled across Europe. As it became more and more popular in Europe, it eventually spread even farther, and ended up in China.

No matter where it ended up, people loved this sauce, and were always finding new and creative ways to use it. Some people liked to use it as just a regular BBQ spread, while others started dipping their fries in it! Some people even poured it over their eggs, or used it as a salad dressing. No matter how it's used though, the one thing people can agree on is that it's hot... but it's g-o-o-d!

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It's hot... but it's g-o-o-d!


We guarantee that our ingredients are naturally-grown, and that our sauce is fresh and delicious. We spend time carefully checking each bottle, and making sure that every bottle of sauce we sell stands up to our level of quality.