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Welcome to Smiley's Texas BBQ

It's hot... but it's g-o-o-d!

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The history of Smiley's Texas BBQ Sauce starts in 1980, and ranges all the way from Germany and across Europe, to China, and of course, to Texas. With it's unique sweet-but-spicy flavor and all-natural and freshly grown ingredients, Smiley's sauce is perfect for all your BBQ needs. Whether you're out grillin' or just need some dipping sauce for your fries, Smiley's sauce can get the job done. It's also been used as a salad dressing! Just remember, our sauce is HOT... but it's G-O-O-D! Go get some.

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It's hot... but it's g-o-o-d!


We guarantee that our ingredients are naturally-grown, and that our sauce is fresh and delicious. We spend time carefully checking each bottle, and making sure that every bottle of sauce we sell stands up to our level of quality.